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Teacher of piano, recorder, music theory, aural musicianship in Carlisle and Brampton

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While starter instruments can be purchased for as little as a few pounds, concert instruments can cost £1000's.THe recorder is suitable for all ages and is ideal as a solo instrument or accompanied by piano, or played as part of ensembles and consorts.

Just as with most instruments, people learn to play recorder for many reasons. To be able to join a music group or for personal satisfaction. Some people choose to sit exams and I am happy to help you prepare for these exams administered by Trinity College London or ABRSM.

The recorder is an instrument that most of us have had a try at even if this was just in class music lessons at school. This, however, has probably left you with a less than exciting impression of what the instrument can do. Have a listen to the video below which should give you a better idea of what is possible on a recorder.

It is an instrument with a huge history and a massive amount of music covering many genres and styles has been written for it.

It can be a perfect starter instrument given that you can pick a reasonable instrument up relatively cheap.


Music Theory/Aural


Lessons are offered either at Scott Bradleys Music Studio in Linstock, Carlisle or in Brampton.