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Teacher of piano, recorder, music theory, aural musicianship in Carlisle and Brampton

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well as helping you to better understand the music that you listen to. Most people who have studied music theory with me tell me that their enjoyment of listening to and playing music increases as a result of their studies.

For those who want or need qualifications in music theory there are 2 main examination boards that offer these external exams. Trinity College London and The Associated Board (ABRSM). Both boards have similar requirements but there are subtle differences between the requirements for each and how they are structured throughout the grades. Either way I can guide you in the right directionand help you to success

All aspects of GCSE and A level courses can be covered.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to study music theory we can tailor your lessons towards your individual needs.

Why study music theory? It may be that you need to pass grade 5 music theory in order to progress to grade 6 Associated Board practical, a compulsory requirement. Perhaps you want a qualification such as GCSE or AS/A level music.

For those who take practical exams with Trinity College London, music theory and understanding is an integral part of the exam within the Musical Knowledge and Aural test options. Studying music theory can really make a difference and help you achieve the highest marks possible.

Whatever your reason, understanding music theory will help to make you a better musician and performer as

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Music Theory/Aural


Lessons are offered either at Scott Bradleys Music Studio in Linstock, Carlisle or in Brampton.